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Sports Guards in Hamilton

Customized sports guards are a great way for patients to maintain the shape and health of their teeth when they’re involved in contact sports. Sports guards in Hamilton can protect your mouth and head from blows and limit the risk of suffering from a concussion.

Custom-Made Children & Adult Sports Guards

Our team of Dental professionals at Hamilton Mountain is proud to offer patients a comfortable way to protect their teeth or their children’s teeth, as they take part in contact sports to keep injuries to a minimum. They can be worn during sports like:

How Sports Guards Work

Custom-fitted mouthguards are made from a comfortable material that typically covers the upper teeth. They can greatly reduce the risk of damaging your teeth if an injury occurs. They ultimately act as a cushion between your teeth to avoid things like cracking or chipping your tooth, nerve damage, or tooth loss. 

They can especially be helpful in protecting your child’s braces from any accidental injury that may potentially cause complications with their treatment. Protecting your child’s teeth is important to their growth, speech, and gums.

Why Reducing The Risk Of Tooth Loss Is Important

Having a tooth knocked out accidentally is obviously painful, but with that pain comes a lot of complications in the future. Having a cracked, chipped or broken tooth that’s left untreated can lead to an infection that can easily spread to other teeth and even into your bloodstream. 

Having an infection (and not receiving a root canal) can lead to tooth loss and having gaps in your teeth for extended periods of time can cause more dental issues than you initially started out with. Untreated tooth loss can lead too:

  • A weakened jawbone
  • Teeth shifting into the gap
  • Change in facial structure
  • Problems chewing/eating
  • Speech issues

How Are Sports Guards Made?

First, we’ll begin by using a special dental putty that takes an impression of your teeth. With this impression, we’ll use plastering tp create an exact replica of your teeth so when the dental lab is creating your sports guard.

Once the sports guard is completed and you’ve come in for your fitting appointment, our dentists will ensure it’s the perfect fit. Our dentists are passionate to ensure a great fit and can help you adjust your mouthguards at any time. It’s not a good idea to try and repair them yourself in case they become more damaged. 

To avoid accidental damage, make sure not to clean them with warm water (this can warp the shape) and clean them after every use with your toothbrush and toothpaste. We’ll supply you with a ventilated case to store them in when not in use.

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