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Dentistry for children can be tough. They can be extremely nervous and not really understand why they’re there in the first place, making it hard to perform the necessary procedures to improve their oral health. Here at Hamilton Mountain Dental, we’re a group of professionals who take the time to get to understand your children’s specific needs while providing a gentle approach to their custom dental care routine. Our staff are true experts when it comes to treating your kids with the respect and gentle care they deserve. We’re firm believers that a gentle and patient approach goes a long way. So, if you’re new to the City of Hamilton and are in search of a trusted family and pediatric dentist, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re a recurring patient, welcome back! We look forward to catching up with your children and hearing their amazing stories while we help look after their teeth.

How Often To Take Your Child/Children To The Dentist

Unless they have an urgent issue or your dentist suggests otherwise, you should bring your child/children to visit our office every six months. During these visits, our staff will greet them with warm smiles as soon as they walk in the front doors and welcome them into the waiting room where they’ll be entertained by children’s toys and imaginative and educational books. When it’s time for their appointment, we’ll guide them to a comfortable dental chair and proceed with their exam and cleaning services.


Every member of our team in our dental office loves interacting with children and look forward to guiding them towards better dental care habits. During their general dental exam, our Hamilton, ON dentist will check for any signs of decay and, from there, continue with cleaning services that are necessary for preserving the state of their teeth. We know children aren’t too keen on having the tartar scraped off their teeth, but it’s one of the best ways to ensure their teeth remain safe from the buildup of bacteria. After the tartar is removed, their mouths will be sprayed with water to remove any leftover debris and we’ll let them choose which polishing flavour they’d prefer next!

Is Fluoride Safe For Children?

Our Hamilton pediatric dentists get asked this often by parents curious about how good fluoride really is for their child. Fluoride is a safe and necessary ingredient for kids to use as it’s helping to keep their tooth enamel strong. Without a strong tooth enamel, your child is prone to tooth decay. If early signs of tooth decay are present, fluoride can help reverse the issues before they worsen. We suggest that your child continue to brush their teeth two times a day with a drop of fluoride toothpaste the size of a pea. Once they’ve reached the age of six, they can begin using a larger quantity. During their dental cleaning services in our Hamilton dental office, we only use the suggested and safe amount of fluoride to clean their teeth in order to improve their dental health.


The best way to prevent gum disease from worsening is by ensuring your children brush thoroughly twice a day with a fluoride-based toothpaste. Fluoride fights against cavities by strengthening enamel, which is an important (and safe) ingredient for children as well. 

Make sure to also add a flossing and rinsing schedule during one of your child’s daily brushings, whether it’s in the morning or at night. Flossing once a day can help remove debris right away, especially if they’ve been snacking on sugary or acidic foods. If they’re having trouble cleaning between certain teeth, our dental experts will offer you some dental care tips when it comes to thorough flossing during their cleaning appointment. Patient education is an integral part of our treatment plans.

Is Dental Sedation Safe For Pediatric Dentistry Care?

Nitrous oxide, also referred to as laughing gas, is a form of dental sedation our dentists use for children here at our Rhymal Road office. And yes, it is 100% safe. They’ll breathe it in through a mask once it’s time for their appointment and instantly start to feel more relaxed. It’s called laughing gas because it often makes patients feel “giddy”. There are next to no side effects associated throughout or after treatment. In fact, as soon as our dental professionals are done helping your children improve their dental health and the mask is removed, they’ll feel back to normal in no time. This is also a great perk for adults who require nitrous oxide as they can drive themselves home after receiving treatment. Never hesitate to contact us to learn more about sedation dentistry and if it’s the right choice for you or your child.

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Ready to book your child’s next appointment with our dental office? We’ll always remind you when it’s time for their six-month checkup, but if they require assistance from our dentists as soon as possible, give our dental office a call. Either give us a call or make your dentist appointment right on our website by filling out an appointment form. Our office always looks forward to welcoming new patients to our practice, too. Contact us to find out how to get started with our new patient forms! Our pediatric dentistry Hamilton team can’t wait to meet you and your children!

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