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Emergency Dentist Hamilton

If you’re facing a dental emergency, Hamilton is a good place to be. It’s important to understand the steps that should be taken in order to reduce your risk of infection or causing permanent damage to your dental health. Contact Hamilton Mountain Dental Group as soon as you experience a dental emergency so we can schedule you in to see our emergency dentist Hamilton.

What Qualifies as A Hamilton Dental Emergency?

You should always seek emergency dental care as soon as possible. You may be experiencing your first dental emergency but you should never wait to seek out emergency dentistry. Dental care is an important aspect of relieving pain associate with a toothache or badly infected tooth. Common dental emergencies may consist of the following:

  • Abscesses and pus around tooth
  • Damaged or broken tooth or tooth replacement (like a filling or dental crown)
  • Chipped or cracked tooth or tooth replacement
  • Seriously fractured jaw
  • Badly bitten lip or tongue
  • Chipped or broken crown left with sharp edges
  • Tooth or tooth replacement was knocked out
  • Lost tooth, filling, crown, or bridge
  • Toothache and pain that won’t subside
  • Pain is interfering with daily activities
  • An object is stuck in gums or between teeth
  • Dry socket after wisdom tooth removal

Don't Wait. Call Us If You Are Experiencing A Dental Emergency

Whether you’re a recurring or new patient in Hamilton, Ontario, our dental office is open to all those in need of emergency dental care, however, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will need to be informed of your arrival beforehand. To contact us, simply phone us and let us know about your dental emergency in Hamilton and make your way to our emergency dental office on Rymal Road. We’ll squeeze emergency patients into our schedules in a timely manner so you can rest assured knowing your dental health will not be compromised, and so you can be relieved of your tooth pain.

Our emergency dental treatment services are here to assist you with any emergency you may be experiencing. No matter what the cause, time is important when it comes to emergency dentistry as tooth-causing soreness will need to be addressed by a dentist in a timely manner. You should never wait to contact us to seek out care for a dental emergency as it can affect your smile, confidence, and overall oral health. Make us the first ones you call and we will do our best to make your mouth better.

Our Hamilton Dentists Are Here For You When You Need Us Most

Emergency dental care can be stressful, but our Hamilton dentists strive to provide patients of all ages, especially those in pain, with a stress-free dental experience here in our office. We know it can be tough finding a Hamilton emergency dentist to trust, but your emergency dental care means a lot to our team. 

We have a wide range of services and treatment options offered right here in our dental Hamilton office. We have a saying and a philosophy we stand by; we care more about just your teeth. We care about you, your teeth and even the pain you may be experiencing. Let’s get you on our schedule to see our dentist today to learn more about your oral health and from there, create an individualized treatment plan for you.

We Want To Take Your Oral Health To The Next Level

Let us help you take control of your oral health again! Dentistry is our passion and we love relieving any worries you may have in regards to our services,

Something many people struggle with when it comes to dental emergencies is finding the right dentist for their damaged, chipped, or cracked teeth, or oral pain in general. We want to see your mouth at its best and assist you in maintaining that smile through emergency dental services geared toward clients in the Hamilton area. Let us help you get your smile back to where it needs to be.

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Let us help you with Invisalign clear aligners in Hamilton, Ontario. Improving patient experience is very important to us as well as keeping every patient well-informed throughout any procedure. Call us today to schedule your next appointment to see if Invisalign treatment is the best option for you.

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