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Regular dental exams and teeth cleaning should be scheduled every six months to ensure optimal oral health for everyone in your family. During your professional teeth cleaning and checkup, our dentist in Hamilton Mountain Dental Clinic will clean, scale, polish, and floss your teeth, especially along the gum line. You won’t be able to stop showing off those pearly whites!

Schedule Regular Appointments For Healthy Teeth

Not only are regular cleanings a way to keep your teeth clean from tartar buildup and harmful bacteria, but it’s also a way for us to stay on top of any early signs of gum disease so we can potentially try to reverse them. 

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, so if we can determine potential problem areas ahead of time, we can try reversing the effects before they worsen into severe periodontal disease which leads to permanent gum recession.

Regular dental cleanings are important, not just for oral health, but for overall health. They help prevent diseases, such as heart disease and other conditions. We perform dental X-rays on our patients to preventatively check for concerns and treat any issues at the earliest possible stage.

During your exam, we’ll also test for oral cancer once you’ve turned 18. We’ll look for sores, and feel your head and neck for any abnormalities or other deficiencies.

What Regular Cleaning Entails

You know that scraping sound and feel that sends shivers down your spine? This is actually a necessary cleaning process called dental scaling that helps to remove tartar buildup from the tooth surface, which you can’t otherwise remove on your own. This important part of teeth cleaning keeps both teeth and gums healthy. 

During polishing, we’ll apply a flavoured abrasive paste that effectively removes stains from tooth surfaces, for the added benefit of teeth whitening at the same time! It’s recommended to only apply this every six months. We’ll end with flossing to remove any leftover debris in those hard-to-reach areas. If you have significant tartar buildup, especially along or under the gum line and tooth root surface, root planing may be necessary.

What Are Cavities?

Cavities are referred to as tooth decay, which can be caused by a few different factors like smoking, sugar, acid, dry mouth, and inadequate brushing and flossing. Good oral hygiene and regular dental cleanings are your top defences against cavities.

If bacteria and plaque build-up aren’t removed, it hardens into tartar and can eventually cause tooth decay or gum disease, but early signs of gum disease can be reversed if caught in time. Having your teeth cleaned professionally will remove plaque and tartar to prevent this, while allowing your dentist or dental hygienist to monitor and treat any issues. Symptoms can include swollen gums, bleeding when you floss, and tenderness. As part of your dental hygiene routine, check your teeth and gums for symptoms.

Did you know?  Tartar can have approximately 700 species of bacteria in it.

How To Reverse Early Signs Of Gum Disease

The best way to prevent gum disease from worsening is through good oral hygiene, such as brushing thoroughly twice a day with fluoride-based toothpaste. Fluoride fights against cavities by strengthening enamel, which is an important (and safe) ingredient for children as well. This is why we also often provide fluoride treatment for children and others who may benefit.

Make time in your busy schedule to also floss daily before brushing, whether it’s in the morning or at night. Flossing once a day can help remove debris right away, especially if you’ve been snacking on sugary foods, and is essential in removing plaque buildup in between teeth. Quitting smoking will also have a very positive effect on your teeth as tobacco can inflame gums, soften bone tissue, and increase your chances of infection and tooth loss. You may benefit from special rinses for your mouth; your dentist or dental hygienist can recommend one for your needs, whether you experience bad breath, have thin tooth enamel, or have other concerns.

Again, regular visits for dental cleaning are critical in preventing gum disease and dental pain, as well as promoting your overall dental health. If you notice painful, swollen, or bleeding gums while you brush, or any other symptoms, let one of our dentists or dental hygienists know.

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Let us help you with Invisalign clear aligners in Hamilton, Ontario. Improving patient experience is very important to us as well as keeping every patient well-informed throughout any procedure. Call us today to schedule your next appointment to see if Invisalign treatment is the best option for you.

Sometimes in order to improve your smile, it has nothing to do with fixing your teeth. Gum reshaping Hamilton is a very common cosmetic procedure and is sometimes necessary in order to improve your oral health and gum-to-teeth ratio. Thanks to lasers, the dental team at our Hamilton Mountain Dental Clinic can reshape gums with reduced bleeding and swelling.

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