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Dental Gum Graft Hamilton

Patients may need to undergo a bone or gum graft procedure before continuing braces treatment. Our dentist in Hamilton Mountain Dental Group Clinic understand that it’s essential to ensuring the strength of your mouth, especially if you’ve had teeth missing for a while.

What Is A Bone & Gum Graft?

If you’ve suffered from gum disease, restorative treatments should come first and foremost before proceeding with things like dental implants or implant-supported bridges. A way to ensure your jawbone or gums are prepared for implants is by receiving a bone or gum graft.

A bone graft can come from another part of your body (like your hip) or be supplied by a donor or even synthetic materials. It will be surgically attached to your jawbone to create a more stable support system. If you’ve lost teeth due to gum disease (or other reasons), your jawbone can weaken over time. It may take around six months to fully heal before having implants attached.

A gum graft is necessary to reverse gum recession. The more your gums recede, the more likely you are to experience infection, tooth sensitivity and eventually tooth loss. Gum grafts are typically taken from the roof of your mouth. It may take around two weeks to heal should you follow our detailed aftercare instructions and visit us for checkups!

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease occurs when there’s a buildup of bacteria (plaque) on the teeth and gums. Early signs of gum disease can be reversed if proper oral hygiene habits are followed. Plaque can’t be removed entirely on your own which is why it’s suggested you book a dental appointment every six months. Gum disease can be caused by a few different things such as:
Symptoms can include:

Missing Teeth

Missing one or more teeth can negatively affect your oral health. Whether you’ve lost teeth due to gum disease or trauma, it should be taken care of as soon as possible. And not only is having an unwanted gap uncomfortable and unappealing, but it can cause your gums to start receding, cause teeth to shift into the gap, your cheeks can start collapsing, and your jawbone can weaken and shrink.

Dental implants can permanently replace missing teeth, both on the upper and lower jaw, but they may not be for everyone. If you’re not eligible for implants, we’ll discuss the next best options with you like bridges, partial or complete dentures, and more.

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