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Gum Reshaping Hamilton

Sometimes in order to improve your smile, it has nothing to do with fixing your teeth. Gum reshaping Hamilton is a very common cosmetic procedure and sometimes necessary in order to improve your oral health and gum to teeth ratio. Thanks to lasers, the dental team at our Hamilton Mountain Dental Clinic can reshape gums with reduced bleeding and swelling.

Why Are My Gums Not Even?

There are a few different reasons why your gums may appear too big or too small.

Receding gums can occur due to poor oral hygiene, which can then lead to more serious periodontal disease issues. Other factors like brushing too much, genetics, gingivitis, plaque/tartar buildup, smoking, and diabetes can cause receding gums as well. 

Early signs of gingivitis can be reversed if caught early enough. Symptoms will include inflamed gums, tenderness, bleeding when flossing, bad breath, etc.

Prominent gums or a “gummy smile” can make teeth appear rather small. Just like with receding gums, a gummy smile can be caused by genetics or other factors like improperly erupted teeth, an upper lip that’s too short, overgrown upper jaw, or gingival hypertrophy. 

Gingival hypertrophy (overgrown gums) is mainly caused by poor dental hygiene habits, followed by pain, bad breath, and inflammation. It can also be caused by medical conditions like Crohn’s disease, HIV and vitamin deficiencies.

Is Gum Reshaping Necessary?

Gum reshaping isn’t just for visually appealing results. Sometimes it’s necessary in order to maintain your oral health. If receding gums aren’t dealt with, over time you’re more likely to expose your teeth to decay and infection as more bacteria can accumulate between your teeth.


Recovery time is generally pretty quick thanks to our laser technology that helps reduce swelling, discomfort and bleeding (you’ll still receive local anesthesia, don’t worry!). But for the next couple of days, it’s best to stick to softer foods while your gums are still recovering.

Flossing should also be avoided for the first day or two but we’ll supply you with detailed instructions on how to continue to clean your teeth. You’ll want to switch to a soft-bristled toothbrush for the time being. 

Though pain should subside shortly, you can take over-the-counter medication to ease discomfort, but avoid Aspirin as it can cause more bleeding.

Thanks To Dental Technology …

The Solar Diode Laser is a small, handheld tool that dentists and patients alike appreciate. The laser technology can drastically improve procedures revolving around gum surgery, gum reshaping, root canals, removing decay and treating early signs of periodontal disease. They’re a great way to make patients happy too as they decrease levels of discomfort, swelling, and bleeding.

Your experience means a lot to us, therefore, we’re always looking for ways to ensure the patient experience is relaxing and enjoyable to build lifelong trusting relationships in Hamilton.

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