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If you’re in looking for a new orthodontist serving members of Hamilton and the Stoney Creek area, look no further. Our team on Rymal Road will help you get started on your journey toward straight teeth.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment for a consultation in our office and learn more about the services we offer for any Hamilton patient looking to achieve their most beautiful smile and feel great.


Our orthodontists are happy to provide an affordable treatment plan for patients needing to straighten their teeth and attain a new look they’ll love. Metal braces have been used by orthodontists for many years with great results.

Traditional orthodontics are made from stainless steel and attached to each tooth with dental cement with metal wires linked to each other. They can be placed on either the upper or lower jaw. Traditional orthodontics may require elastics to help move the jaw and teeth into the desired position. We will go through this with each patient in our office and thoroughly explain how to take care for your teeth while wearing braces.

How Long Will I Have Braces For?

On average, the treatment typically takes one to two years. Every four to six weeks, your braces will be tightened at an appointment. Experiencing discomfort for the next couple of days is normal because this means that they’re actually working at improving your teeth!

What Age Is Best To Get Braces?

The best age to receive braces in order to achieve straight teeth is anywhere from ten to 14. Ten to 14 is more ideal because the head and jaw are still growing which makes it easier for teeth to move and you may see results sooner. Our orthodontist will work with your dentist and always remain open and honest with you throughout your journey to a more beautiful smile. We strive to help make your decisions easier when it comes to orthodontic care for your children. Our stress-free Hamilton Dental Clinic makes the orthodontic experience enjoyable for people who want to achieve a better smile through traditional orthodontics.

Is InvisalignⓇ Treatment For Me?

Some patients prefer the idea of Invisalign aligners. If this sounds like you, our team will discuss the best possible service for you. Invisalign clear aligners work the same way as braces – they straighten your smile, fill in gaps, and give you that picture-perfect grin.

Will I Need To Wear Retainers After?

Whether you opt for metal braces or Invisalign treatment in Hamilton, you will need to wear retainers for the rest of your life. This is strictly meant to ensure your smile doesn’t shift after all that hard work!

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