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Providing people with a positive experience centred around, but not limited to dental care. The product for both, our team and the people who trust us with their care will be a better quality of life.


The St. Peter’s Hospital, which is part of Hamilton Health Sciences, has been operating since 1890 and specializes in care for elderly patients who have been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s or require comfortable palliative care and rehabilitation. It’s conveniently located in central Hamilton on Maplewood Avenue. 

A brick hospital with a blue sign in front of it.

Offering World-Leading Expertise in Medical Treatment

This strong community of over 15,000 staff members (physicians, nurses, researchers, volunteers, etc.) provides advanced and comfortable care to patients from all over Ontario. Many of their patients’ friends and families refer to the staff as respectful, dedicated and hardworking individuals that go above and beyond for their patients. This explains why they’ve been accredited by the Exemplary Standing of Accreditation Canada. All of their areas of care include Bone & Joint Care, Cancer Care, Cardiac & Vascular Care, Children’s Care, Critical Care, Emergency Services, Lab, Diagnostic & Pharmacy Services, Medicine & Complex Care, Palliative Care, Neurosciences & Trauma, Rehabilitation, Seniors Care, Surgical Care & Procedures and Women’s & Newborn Care. 

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From the moment you step in the doors, as a patient or patient’s family member, you know you’ll be treated with the highest level of care possible. They want to make you as comfortable as possible and, therefore, also offer pet therapy, spiritual care, and more. 

Hamilton Mountain Dental Group

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