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How To Reduce Dental Costs With Dental Insurance

posted December 28, 2022

Many people are concerned about the potential cost of dental bills. While basic dental care is relatively reasonable, if you need a more complex procedure, costs are more significant, and it is difficult to save up enough for your personal emergency dental fund.

Buying dental insurance is an excellent way to save money on the cost of your dental care and make it affordable. Dental coverage ensures you receive the care you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy, which has also been tied to your overall health.

Not Covered By Provincial Health

In general, dental work is not covered by provincial health insurance. The Ontario Health Insurance Plan does not cover dental care other than extreme exceptions for complex jaw bone surgeries such as tumour removal, fracture repairs, and jaw reconstruction performed in a hospital.

If you do not have a dental plan through an employer, you can buy affordable dental benefits coverage that should meet your needs. You should shop around or use a broker to help you find the most reduced rate for dental plans.

Review Your Coverage To Maximize Use

Knowing what your coverage is, including annual maximums and other details, will help you use your insurance plan more efficiently. Preventive care and basic dental services usually have more comprehensive coverage, so should be used to the maximum amounts, not only for your better oral health but also so it does not go to waste.

Be Aware Of Waiting Periods and Limitations

You may have to wait a period of time before being allowed to claim for certain expensive procedures, such as orthodontics. Also, your dental plan will have a yearly maximum for amounts paid within a year, but coverage for some dental procedures may have a limit on use to only every other year.

Insurance companies’ maximums are based on provincial fee schedules for dentist or dental hygienist work completed; additional costs on top of those are not covered.

Knowing what your restrictions are, and making sure to use coverage as soon as it is available, and for as much as possible, will help ensure you do not end up having to receive dental care at times when you are not covered.

Discuss Your Treatment Plan With Your Dentist

Let your dentist know about any concerns about costs and try to maximize the use of your dental insurance, as there may be some options.

Schedule Dental Treatment

Discuss treatment options with your dentist, and ask about options in scheduling dental procedures. You may be able to schedule a dental treatment in two visits to take advantage of your dental insurance plan yearly maximum amounts for two years, to have more of the treatment paid for, and to leave no benefit amounts unused.

Ensure Your Insurance Covers Basic Dental Services Sufficiently

When choosing a private dental insurance plan, make sure it will meet your needs.

Better Oral Health Reduces Dental Work Required

Preventive care and early treatment are the cornerstones of good oral health so you are less likely to need more complex and expensive dental work. The better your general oral health, the shorter and cheaper your visits to the dentist will be. Your health and your finances benefit.

Prevent Oral and Dental Health Issues

Keep your teeth and gums healthy. Most dental insurance plans coverage is higher for preventive care, and many even cover up to 100% of services like routine checkups and exams, professional cleanings, sealants, and fluoride treatments. If you are looking for private insurance, be sure the insurance company covers these services well, as these are basic procedures and services you are sure to need and want coverage on.

Treat Concerns Early to Avoid Serious Dental Conditions

Most dental insurance plans cover 80% of more simple restorations, such as fillings, greatly reducing the out-of-pocket costs for these treatments. Regular checkups allow for early detection of dental problems, especially since x-rays are usually covered, so only a simple restoration is needed. This makes for much cheaper dental care.

Many insurance companies believe that insurance plan members should contribute a reasonable amount towards services that result from neglecting their dental health, so will cover less for procedures to address concerns that have developed to a later stage. Procedures like scaling may be limited to just 50%. As a result, prioritizing preventive care and early treatment is your best option.

Hamilton Mountain Dental Group can help you coordinate and maximize the use of dental insurance plans.

Your best possible care is our priority, and we help every member of your family achieve optimal health for teeth, gums, and mouth. We work with you to ensure your personal dental care needs are met, and can personally handle all of your treatment and procedures.

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