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How To Choose A Hamilton Dentist

How To Choose A Hamilton Dentist

posted May 7, 2020
Are you and your family new to the busy and beautiful City of Hamilton?  First of all, welcome! Second, are you worried about finding the right family dental office who will take care of all your specific oral needs? Finding the right fit for you and your family can be tough, especially if you were so used to your previous dentist, but we’re offering easy tips to follow that can help you make the right decision.  Don’t be afraid to approach dentists with a series of questions to compare their answers. And, if you know anyone else in Hamilton, don’t be afraid to ask who their dentist is. Referrals are one of the best places to start.

Ask Your Current Dentist

Chances are, your current dentist knows a lot of great dentists in different cities too and has a lot of connections. But, if you’re finding a new Hamilton dentist because you’re not happy with the current services you’re receiving, you may want to rely on friends and family referrals. Google will also be your best friend when it comes to finding top-rated dental offices in your designated area too. Which brings us to the next point.

Read Reviews

No matter what product or service you’re looking for, reviews are always worth reading. Though not everything or everyone will have a perfect five-star rating, you should have a good idea what most people think of their staff and services, especially if they’ve been serving multi-generational families for years. 

Are Their Hours & Location Convenient?

Every dental office will have different hours. If you’re someone with a tight schedule, do their hours accommodate that? Some offices will stay open a few days of the week so patients don’t have to book a day off school or work just to make it to their dentist appointment.  Some will even keep their doors open on a Saturday to further accommodate busy schedules. Better yet, are they within a 15 to 20-minute drive from your home? It’s important to find a dentist that’s close by for a few different reasons:
  • You may need to book an appointment during your lunch break at school or work
  • You or someone in your family may have dental anxiety
  • You may have suffered an accidental injury and need emergency care

Their Rates Are Affordable

It’s okay to ask a dentist about the rates they charge. There’s no doubt about it – dentistry is expensive, especially if you don’t have health insurance coverage. Though dentists follow the fees and guidelines set by the Ontario Dental Association, each office will still have a different range in their prices, so it’s worth asking what you can expect to be charged and if they offer flexible payment plans. 

Take An Office Tour

Most dentists are more than happy to welcome new patients to their practice, but are they willing to let you come in before deciding to sign up and take a tour of their office and introduce themselves to you? This can ultimately be what helps you make up your mind on which new dentist you’d like to work with. Are they accommodating and willing to show you around? Are they friendly? Is the office really clean?  Choosing a new dentist can seem like a hard task, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re new to the Hamilton area or are just looking to switch dentists, there are many great options available that are convenient for you and your family.  Ask your dentist or friends and family for referrals and make sure you read up on reviews to help make the decision even easier. Switching is often very easy and many dentists are always willing to welcome new patients to their practice. 

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