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Even as we grow older, there’s always a part of us that gets excited when we see an old plane fly over and we can’t help but stare and watch it fly off into the distance. Even if you don’t know much about planes, you can’t help but feel fascinated about their history. For those who want to learn more about planes (or for those who know everything about them already) one of the most interesting places to visit in Ontario is the Canadian Heritage Warplane Museum. 

A large building with a heritage warplane in front of it.

Aviation Museum in Ontario

This warplane museum holds over 50 different kinds of aircraft, many of which have faced war and were flown by our brave Canadian soldiers and military men. Their ultimate goal is to preserve these fascinating pieces of history and to educate the general public on the importance of aviation and where it’s brought us today. 

A yellow warplane from Canadian heritage is on display in a museum.

After all, many of the men and women who built, flew and serviced these planes never made it home again, so what better way to honour them than displaying their story? Throughout the year, the Canadian Heritage Warplane Museum will also host various events, including regularly hosting the infamous Avro Lancaster (the most famous Allied bomber during World War II and one of the two remaining that can still fly).

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